Electric Wire Stripping Machine 1.5-25mm Peeling Machine PC USB Nylon Braided High-temperature Cable Stripper Machine

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1.5-25mm Electricity Hot Peeling Machine, Headphone Cable String, PC USB Nylon Braided High-temperature Cable Stripper Machine
Product parameters:
Product name: Electric heating peeling machine
Power supply: 220V
Peeling length: 1.5MM-25MM
Weight: 7KG
Size: 230*200W*430mm
Function: single-strand cable, USB cable, headphone cable, isolated cable, computer cable, flat cable, parallel cable, all kinds of single-core cable,Nylon braided wire, high temperature wire, etc.

1: Temperature adjustment (adjust the temperature of the cutter through the voltage of the power line to make the stripping more stable and the effect is better)

2: Cylinder solenoid valve (selected stable gas pressure regulating valve is corrosion-resistant, reliable in quality and long in service life)

3: Filter (considering the water vapor and magazines generated during the operation of the equipment, prolonging the service life of the equipment)

4: Wire diameter adjustment (the top is designed with a screw that can adjust the wire diameter)


Prodcut Model


Product name

Pneumatic electric hot stripping machine

Stripping length

1.5 -25mm

Power supply

AC 220V 110V / 50/60Hz






cable stripping machinekabel stripper
kabelstripper machineStripping machine
OriginMainland China
Peeling machinemaquina pelar cables
wire stripper machine1wire stripping
wire stripper machine2wire stripping

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