115v Transducer Driver Board Hot50W Ultrasonic Digital Display PCB Ultrasonic Driver Pcb

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115v Transducer Driver Board Hotsale 50W Ultrasonic Digital Display PCB Ultrasonic Driver Pcb

Product Description

 Berif Description of Ultrasonic Driver Circuit


  • Frequency:25khz,28khz,40khz
  • Power: under 120w
  • Voltage : AC 110 v (15 ~ + 10 %), 50 hz
  • Working Temperature: – 10 ℃ to 40 ℃
  • Working Humidity: 35 ~ 85 %


Features of Ultrasonic Driver Circuit


  • PCB: double-sided with two ounces.
  • Stable working performance
  • Large radiator

Application of Ultrasonic Driver Circuit:

The pcb generator is the main parts of ultrasonic cleaning syste,which is for cleaning Electronic workshop,industrial and mining enterprises,laboratories,hospitals,glass shop,jewelry shop,mobile phone repair shop,family and so on.

Cleaning products such as belows:

Electronic products,laboratory supplies,office supplies,household goods,computer motherboards and accessories,glassware,circuit boards, auto parts, hardware parts, medical apparatus and instruments, false tooth and dental equipment,clocks and watches,glasses,jewelry,golf ,coins,badge,tableware,baby bottles,fruit and so on.

The Specifiction of Small 
Ultrasonic Driver Circuit





QXCGPB5025khz.28khz. 40khz50w
QXCGPB6025khz.28khz. 40khz60w
QXCGPB10025khz.28khz. 40khz100w
QXCGPB12025khz.28khz. 40khz120w

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Bonding Transducer


Some Common Technical Problem of Ultrasonic Generator


The ultrasonic generator can't power on under no-load condition
After installed, we can not power on until lay cleaning fluid
Ultrasonic transducer has two lugs.The positive one lay in the middle of two pieces of ceramic.The native one near lower metal column. Please do not make wrong when wiring.
The larger side with screw hole in ceramic transducer which has a function of vibration,can be stuck in the bottom of cleaning machine. And please make sure the cleaning machine is safely grounding
The ceramic transducer should be pasted in the bottom of cleaning machine using transducer specialized glue or use AB glue stick. but the effect is a bit poor, or use epoxy resin with proportion of 10:4.
The working circuit board voltage is 600V.The voltage output to the transducer is 1100 v.Please ensure the cleaning machine is safely grounding. Please make sure leakage protect switch assembled on the power supply in order to ensure safety.


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ApplicationDrive Cleaning Transducer
Frequency28KHZ 40KHZ 25KHZ
KeywordUltrasonic Driver Circuit
Place of OriginBeijing;China
Product nameUltrasonic Transducer Driver Board
VoltageAC 110 v;50 hz
Warranty Time1year
Working Humidity35 ~ 85 %
Working Temperature-10 to 40 Degree

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