Kraft Paper Roll Cutting Machine Non Woven Fabric Rolls Cut Machine

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Kraft Paper Roll Cutting Machine Non Woven Fabric Rolls Cut Machine

The product is suitable for BOPPtapedouble-sided tape masking tape PVC tape, PET tape,cloth tape,foam tape,3M tape seriespolyester film tape, Mara tape,PE protective film,copper foilaluminum foilNon-woven fabrics,release paper and other tapes and cut rolls of some non-sticky materials

1.The control of each part of the single-axis automatic cutting machine is controlled by a centralized panel and the operation uses an LCD
touch screen.Various parameters and functional condition settings can be directly input on the screen
2.Adopt silicon solution cooling system:avoid sticking of cutter head to ensure smooth cutting
3.The stroke is driven by a servo motorequipped with precision ball screws and inearsides, The stroke ofthe cutter headis stable and the positioning is accurate
4.The stepper motor adjusts the angle of the cutter.When the cutting surface of the product is uneventhe cutting angle can bedirectly adjusted to ensure the quality of the product
5.Technical parameters of single-axis automatic cutting table:machine width 1.0m1.3m1.4m1.6m1.7m
6.Cutting accuracy┬▒0.1mm
7.The larger cutting diameter is 400mmthe outer diameter of the cutting tube is 1"-3the smallercuttingwidthis1-3mmand the diameter of the round knifeis OD250, OD300, OD350, OD400 mm.

Product Description

Model CT-R2
Maximum feeding width 1.4m/1.7m
Minimum cutting roll width 1mm
Maximum cut roll diameter 300mm
positioning accuracy +0.1mm
Voltage 380V
Total power 8KW
Cutting shaft specifications 1-3inch
Weight 900KG
Dimension 2883*1225*1500mm

Model NumberCT-R3
OriginMainland China

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