Maual Melt Glue Dispenser Machine

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Glue Dispensing Feature

Product name: PUR heating device with foot pedal
Applicable glue: a variety of hot melt adhesives
Glue control: foot pedal to control the amount of glue
Main components: foot pedal + temperature controller + fixed bracket + 30ML hot head
Heating temperature: 110℃~130℃
PUR heater controller
The dispensing controller can adjust the time and heating function, the air pressure can be adjusted, the temperature range: about 110℃~130℃, the operation is simple and convenient
1. Pressure regulator
2. Air pressure display table
3. Temperature controller
4. Power switch
5. Foot pedal
Application industry characteristics
Widely used in mobile phone industry, solid glue in tablet industry, need to be heated after fusion glue dispensing operation, electronic industry, glue preheating during dispensing operation, suitable for process product dispensing

Our factory

Application MaterialsPlastic
OriginMainland China

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