Popular 4-30 mm square Sheath Wire Stripping Machine Multi Cores Electric UL2646 Cable Machinery

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Sheath Wire Stripping Machine Multi Cores Electric Cable Machinery

Sheath Wire , Mulit cores cable stripping machine ( Fully automatic, can assemble with desktop, safety cover, wire convery etc)
1.- This machine is suitable for simultaneous stripping of various wires such as wires, multi core sheathed wire, electric wire etc.
2.- Function: Wire and cable are automatically cut and strip, The outer skin of the multicore sheahth wire is stripped, and the multi core wire is stripped at one time
3.- OD 16MM, replaceable, so that the wire is in a straight line with the center of the knife edge when passing through the catheter.
4.- Excellent performance and high precision, to ensure that the feeding wire is free from scrathes during the straightening process.
5.-Using multiple pneumatic solenoid valves, no heat and easy to jam, faster efficiency.
6.-Eighth generation core processor, 64 bit intelligent control system, faster running speed, to meet your pursuit of speed

Product Description

Model JW-SH30
Power supply AC220V50/60HZ
Function Multi- cores sheath wire cut and strip, inner and outer wire strip
Wire range 4-30 mm square
Size 68*48*52CM
Cutting length 0.1mm-99999.9mm
weight 76kg
Stripping length head 10-120mm, stripping tail 10-120 mm
Blade material Imported tungsten steel / high speed steel
Wire diameter OD 16MM
Capacity 2300pcs/h
Memory storage 200 groups
Remarks Function Automatic in/out, timing start, jog adjustment
Wheels 16 wheels driving

Model NumberJW-SH30
OriginMainland China

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